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ICMIT 2017 Acceptance Rate: 40.59 %


Energetic Sleep- Scheduling via Probabilistic Interference K-Barrier Coverage with Truth-Table Technique in Sensor Network

Authors: Boualem Adda, Dahmani Youcef, Cyril de Runz and Abdelkader Maatoug


Evaluation of Bernsen Enhancement Method Applied to Arabic Manuscripts

Authors: Yamina Ouled Jaafri, Mohammed Omari and Rekia Dlim


A Proposed Spam Detection Approach for Arabic Social Networks Content

Authors: M’hamed Mataoui, Omar Zelmati, Dalila Boughaci, Moncef Chaouche and Fatima Lagoug


Asynchronous Model for Updating Replicated Profiles in Decentralized Social Network

Authors: Lyes Badis, Mourad Amad and Djamil Aissani


Automated Identification of Plasma Cell in Bone Marrow Images

Authors: Benazzouz Mourtada, Ismahan Baghli, Med Amine Benomar and Med Amine Chikh


Safe route guidance of rescue robots and agents based on hazard areas dissemination

Authors: Sarah Allali and Mahfoud Benchaïba.


The effect of data dimension on classification accuracy: A comparison between SVM and ELM classifiers

Authors: Ouahab Kadri and Adel Abdelhadi


A new approach based mobile agent system for ensuring secure Big Data transmission and storage

Authors: Dounya Kassimi, Okba Kazar, Hamza Saouli, Omar Boussaid, Safa Saifi and Iman Hassani


An Outranking Model for Web Service Discovery

Authors: Fethallah Hadjila, Ismail Smahi, Zeyneb Torchane and Mohamed Merzoug


FastSEA: A Very Fast and Very effective Matching Technique for Very Complex Time Series

Authors: Abdelmadjid Lahreche and Bachir Boucheham


Printed Arabic Optical Character Recognition using Support vector machine

Authors: Yamina Ouled Jaafri, El Mamoun Mamouni and Kaddour Sadouni


Study of the Stability and convergence of an implicit finite volume method for a spatial fractional Keller-Segel model

Authors: Messikh Chahrazed


Existence of weak solutions for a hyperbolic variational inequality

Authors: Bensayah Abdallah and Messaoudi Salim Aissa Salah


Smart house simulation based multi-agent system and internet of things

Authors: Meftah Zouai, Okba Kazar, Belgacem Haba and Hamza Saouli


Decision modelling: Methods and tools

Authors: Mohammed El Amine Tali, Fahima Nader and Rachid Chalal.


Towards a Recurrence Relationship Extraction on Chebyshev Moments Calculation

Authors: Lamine Benrais and Nadia Baha


Variable Neighborhood Search for Automatic Density-Based Clustering

Authors: Fatima Boudane and Ali Berrichi


An Evaluation tool for contextual similarity measure in web services discoveryapproaches

Authors: Abdelli Djallel Eddine, Bouyakoub Fayçal M’hamed, Tabet Anis Sifaqes and Yousfi Hamza


Estimation of Pedestrian Walking Direction from Video

Authors: Larabi Slimane and Amina Bensebaa


Global Existence of Weak Solutions for Parabolic Triangular Reaction Diffusion Systems with Critical Exponent in the Gradient

Authors: Salim Mesbahi and Noureddine Alaa


Crypto System Based on a Specific Adaptation of the Linear Congruential Generator

Authors: Hana Ali Pacha, Naima Hadj Said and Adda Ali Pacha


Energy-Saving Comparison of Asynchronous MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Abdelmalek Bengheni, Fedoua Didi and Ilyas Bambrik


A Bayesian analysis of a change in the parameters of the first-order autoregressive model in the presence of single outlier

Author: Abdeldjalil Slama


Contribution to the modeling and simulation of multi-agent systems for energy saving in the habitat

Authors: Djamel SabaHoussem Eddine DeghaBrahim BerbaouiFatima Zohra Laallam and Rachid Maouedj


DRFL: Directing Robots to Failures using a List

Authors: Hayet Ghribi and Mahfoud Benchaiba


Asymptotic modeling of frictionel Signorini problem of an anisotropic piezoelectric linear elastic membrane shell

Authors: Mohammed El Hadi Mezabia and Djamel Ahmed Chacha


Modeling the Population of Phlebotomine Sand Fly the Vector of Leishmaniasis

Author: Schehrazad Selmane


A hybrid approach based on Artificial Bee Colony and Differential Evolution for Data Clustering

Authors: Mira Ait Saada, Selma Djebili and Ali Berrichi


Intrusion detection in an Cloud Internet of Things Environment

Authors: Rebbah Mohammed, Rebbah Dhia El Hak and Smail Omar


Web service selection based on TOPSIS algorithm

Authors: Houcine Belouaar, Okba Kazar and Khaled Rezeg


Mobility Management Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks based on FireFly Algorithm

Authors: Soumia Laroui and Mohammed Omari


Reconfigurable Stochastic Petri Nets: A New Formalism for Reconfigurable Discrete Event Systems

Authors: Samir Tigane, Kahloul Laïd and Samir Bourekkache


Oriented Local Binary Pattern (LBPθ) : A new scheme for an efficient feature extraction technique

Authors: Djamel Samai, Abdallah Meraoumia, Hakim Bendjenna and Lakhdar Laimeche


Security Improvement for Data Hiding using Arithmetic Coding and RSA Algorithm

Authors: Ali Ukasha and Ruqiya Albahi


A Framework for Automatic Development of Embedded System

Authors: Sara Houhou, Kahloul Laïd, Saber Benharzallah and Roufaida Bettira


The Optimal Process Planning for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Authors: Leila Belaiche and Kahloul Laïd


E- recruitment support system based on MOOCs

Authors: Lynda HaddadiMohammed El Amine TaliFarida Bouarab-Dahmani and Tassadit Berkane


Online diagnosis of labeled timed Petri net using reduction rules

Authors: Ahmed Saadi Hadjira and Boukala Mohand Cherif


Lossy Video Compression using Limited Set of Mathematical Functions and Reference Values

Authors: Leila Ouled Bensaid and Mohammed Omari


JIDR: Towards Building Hybrid Arabic Stemmer

Authors: Imane Belhadj , Rima Rouibia and Mohamed Amine Cheragui 


Towards an Engineer High School 2.0: ESI Algiers Case

Authors: Benahmed El Allia Nadia and Ghomari Abdessamed Réda


Controlling Electronic Devices remotely by voice and Brain Waves

Authors: Djemaa Boucha, Ayoub Amiri and Djillali Chogueur


Coalitions Formation in Distributed Systems

Authors: Ayachi Messaouda, Slimani Hachem and Nacer Hassina


LEACH-KANG: A New Routing Protocol for WSN based on Leach Protocol and Kangaroo Method

Authors: Mohammed Kaddi, Khelifa Benahmed and Mohammed Omari


Testing Randomness in a Multivariate Bernoulli Process

Authors: Houssam Eddine Brairi and Tarek Medkour


Existence and Stabilization of a Kirchhoff Moving String with a Distributed Delay in the internal Feedback

Authors: Kelleche Abdlekarim and Tatar Nasser Eddine


An Existence Result to A Time Discrete Approximation of a Coupling System Between Mechanical Deformation of An Elastic Porous Medium And Incompressible Flow At High Velocity

Authors: Kabir Hacina


Predicting Students Performance Using Decision Trees: Case of an Algerian University

Authors: Fatma chiheb, Boumahdi Fatima, Hafida Bouarfa and Doulkifli Boukraa


Low Complexity Image Compression using Pruned 8-point DCT Approximation in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks

Authors: Chaouki Araar, Salim Ghanemi, Benmohammed Mohammed and El-Bay Bourennane


An Ontology based Context Model for the Discovery of IoT Services in the Internet of Things

Authors: Meriem Aziez, Saber Benharzallah and Hammadi Bennoui


Multiple Objective optimization Applied to Speech enhancement problem

Authors: Ouznadji SaidChaabane Djamal and Thameri Messaoud


Integrating of opinion holder engagement in a educational guidance help system

Authors:Samia Lazib and Farida Bouarab-Dahmani


Iterated Harmony Differential Search for the Minimum Interference Frequency Assignment Problem

Authors:Yasmine Lahsinat, Boughaci Dalila and Belaid Benhamou


A secure Smartphone protocol for payment NFC

Authors: Samir Chabbi, Rachid Boudour and Fouzi Semchedine


Fault tolerance model based on service delivery quality levels in cloud computing

Authors: Samir Setaouti, Djamel Amar Bensaber, Reda Adjoudj and Mohamed Rebbah


Formal Specification, Verification and Evaluation of the MQTT Protocol in the Internet of Things

Authors: Manel Houimli, Laid Kahloul and Siham Benaoune


On Stability and Boundedness of Solutions of Certain Non Autonomous Fourth-Order Multiple Delays Differential Equations

Author: Mebrouk Rahmane, Larbi Fatmi and Moussadek RemiIi


Residual Self-Interference Cancellation in NOMA-OFDM Full Duplex Massive MIMO

Author: Nessrine Smaili, Mustapha Djeddou and Arab Azrar


Retarded stochastic integro-differential equations with impulses driven by fractional Brownian motion

Authors: Ahmed Boudaoui and Abdeljalil Slama


Arabic Root Extraction Through Generation and Filtering

Author: Majed Abusafiya