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Instructions to Authors :


1. Please visit this link to find the list of accepted papers for ICMIT 2017. Please confirm if the name of your paper, authors, co-authors are displayed correctly.

2. Submit your copyright to IEEE using the Electronic IEEE Copyright Form given below. After successful completion of copyright transfer, save the generated pdf file .

     Enter the title of your final manuscript in "Title of the paper" tab.

     For "Name of the Author(s)" enter the names of all the authors for the       paper (e.g. ABC, XYZ and PQR OR ABC and XYZ).
     Enter your paper id in "Paper ID" tab.
     Enter all the email ids of author separated by comma (e.g.                        , )
     After submitting the form, you will be redirected to IEEE Publication            Agreement website. Read the instructions on the website carefully and        complete all the steps in the form.
     Do not forget to enter your name at the bottom of "IEEE Copyright            and Consent Form" after completing above steps.
     Repeat the procedure if you are an author of more than one paper.

Note: Please submit only one copyright form per paper.


Tutorial - Example of E-Copyright Submission




Electronic IEEE Copyright Form

Title of the paper:

Name of the Author(s) (separate multiple authors by comma):

Paper ID:

Email of the Author(s) (separate multiple emails by comma):